Why buy in Western Liguria?

Any prospective purchaser of a second or principal home abroad has without doubt an enormous choice not only in Europe but also in Italy. If sunshine is the only criterion, then several countries offer properties at temptingly low prices. But why settle for only sunshine when in Italy you can have so much more? Italy, deservedly known as the 'Bel Paese' - the beautiful country -, really does offer the best in scenic beauty from the mountains to the lakes and of course the sea, an unrivalled artistic heritage and some of the best cuisine and wines in the world. Western Liguria offers even more:

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The climate

An exceptional micro climate guaranteeing one of the mildest and sunniest climates in Italy along with exceptional seafood, local cuisine and wines artistic and architecural places of interest easy, low cost access from all parts of Europe and from all international destinations - stunning scenery both on the coast and inland - good value property purchase in an area which has not suffered over development like other Italian regions and lastly, a great place for a holiday with year round activities to suit all tastes

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Property purchase in Western Liguria also represents a good investment for two reasons: prices are still comparatively low, especially inland, and trends show a steady annual rise the exchange rate for non euro purchasers is extremely advantageous and allows for exceptionally good investment Take a look at Western Liguria - you'll be glad you did!

More in Western Liguria

More in Western Liguria :

More in Western Liguria

Nestling in an exceptionally beautiful corner of Italy, bordered by the Mediterranean, the Marittime and Ligurian Alps, Western Liguria - and more specifically the province of Imperia - stretching along and inland of the Riviera dei Fiori (Riviera of Flowers) offers a magical and breathtaking landscape with excellent property opportunities in the beautiful and unspoiled countryside as well as along the coast. The backdrop to the blue Mediterranean and award-winning clean beaches and coastline, is an area of outstanding natural beauty with olive and vine-clad hillsides, densely wooded valleys interlaced with rivers and spectacular mountains rising to 2000 masl. The countryside is dotted with fascinating mediaeval villages, some perched in stunning hillside locations - veritable mazes of narrow cobbled streets and small shady squares - a world where the pace of life is relaxed and traditions have changed little. And all this so close to the elegance and bustle of the Riviera - in Western Liguria you are always just a short drive from the sea and of course from the Cote d'Azur just over the border.

The climate:

The climate

An exceptional micro climate guaranteeing one of the mildest and sunniest climates in Italy, exceptional seafood, local cuisine and wine ,artistic and architecural places of interest, easy, low cost access from all parts of Europe and from international destinations, stunning scenery both on the coast and inland, good value property purchase in an area which has not suffered over development like other Italian regions, a great place for a holiday with year round activities to suit all tastes.



As one of the most easily accessible areas of Italy and Europe, Western Liguria has excellent rail and road connections from all European countries. Additionally it is served by two international airports - Genova and Nice with low-cost daily flights from many European cities as well as scheduled flights from all parts of the world. This has an immediate benefit for home-owners who by taking advantage of the vast array of low-cost flights can visit more frequently and enjoy more of their investment - many indeed pop down just for the weekend! Low-cost easy access is also a great advantage for those property owners considering rental.

Art and Architecture:

Art and Architecture

Western Liguria has no major cities, museums and art galleries but the area abounds in treasures which are just waiting to be discovered. Every village church and sanctuary houses paintings and frescoes from the Mediaeval and Renaissance periods, the many examples of works by Canavesio and Brea being particularly worthy of note.
A visit to the historic centres of the numerous mediaeval villages which dot the area rewards the visitor at every turn, as much of the architecture remains intact and there are many examples of ancient palaces, porticoed streets, slate portals with family crests as well as the churches and sanctuaries which form an integral part of the fabric of every village.

Food and Wines:

Food and Wines

Western Liguria is not only a feast for the eyes! Awaiting the visitor is a genuinely warm welcome and excellent local cuisine based naturally on the internationally esteemed 'Mediterranean Diet'. The land is extremely fertile and traditional recipes are based on the freshest ingredients with delicious and varied results. The olive oil produced in the the Impero, Prino and Argentina valleys is of a particularly high quality and forms the basis of all local fare. The area offers an enormous choice of trattorie (small restaurants with home-cooking) to reknown restaurants with fine cuisine. Along the coast, there is a dazzling array of excellent seafood restaurants offering exquisite sea-bass, swordfish, dory and shellfish. There are also many wines of very high quality although they are not produced in the same quantities as, for example, in Piedmonte and Tuscany and are, as a result, rather less well-known. Of particular note is the full-bodied red Rossese from Dolceacqua, the Ormeasco and Sciacchetrà from Pornassio and the delicious white Vermentino and Pigato wines from the Arroscia Valley.



The coastal resorts offer a range of water sports as well as tennis and golf but just a short way inland there is horse-riding, hang-gliding, mountain bike trails and extensive hiking over the hills and mountains with marked paths. And for those who wish to relax away from the beaches, there is bathing in the crystal clear waters of the main rivers! In the winter there is excellent skiing in two resorts just 1h 30m away by car - in Limone Piemonte which combines three different ski areas and although offering skiing for all levels, is a paradise for intermediates, and in Monesi, a smaller resort offering challenging skiing just over the mountains behind Triora.

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